About Us

What is Deep Water Acres?

Deep Water Acres is a state of mind, a way of being, and a place up in some old old mountains where things work just a bit differently. It's also the online extension of the old Deep Water magazine, originally published way back in the 1990s to the delight of at least dozens. We ceased publication in 1998 after several years of whiskey drinking, pipe smoking, strategic meetings, philosophical discussions, and even occasional magazine production activities.

The original Deep Water magazine was known for its carefully articulated, though often obscurantistically veiled, viewpoints on matters musical, cultural, and culinary. It was also known for its streaming spews of opinionated blather. And only the wisest sage could tell them apart. Some material from the mag can still be found by following the Deep Water Archives link at the site; for the truly curious, a few hard copies of the actual publication are still available, contact KM for details.

On the new Deep Water Acres site we aim to reincarnate the spirit of the original magazine, as updated for this here new virtual world. That means the site contents will include various musical commentaries, artist profiles, and highly biased (and thoroughly correct) opinions, as well as other content aimed at supporting the body in addition to the mind and spirit.

And we've also expanded into some magical new areas that just can't be found in a material publication, via our user-generated forums (fora?) and other interactive elements. Not to mention our ongoing CD-R label, through which we will be midwifing a range of sounds that share our particular aesthetic and world-view; see the label page for more information.

How do we work?

The site will be updated with new content regularly, semi-regularly, periodically, or occasionally, depending on a bunch of factors that aren't really material to anyone but us. Older content will continue to be present in the relevant site navigational sections.

One of the cool new things about the new Deep Water Acres is its communitarian options. Registered users can post comments to articles, engage in discussions in our forums (fora?), and even create their own on just about any topic they like. We really hope folks make use of these features over time; one of the few genuine advantages an online publication has over a good old hard-copy magazine is its potential interactivity. Plus we just really like to shoot the breeze w/like-minded souls, and if you've taken the time to join up then you are almost certainly one of those.

I play in a band; you review music. Can I send you stuff??

You certainly can. However, we promise nothing in terms of reviewing it. Our reviews are and always have been fairly limited and up to the decision of our writers, and we may well like something but not find a way to review it. While we are thoroughly in support of creative musical production and of the people who do it (especially if they're doing it themselves), we definitely are not a reviews clearinghouse, and we aren't likely to turn into one anytime soon.