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Evening Fires - New Worlds for Old

"New Worlds For Old" by Evening Fires New Worlds for Old is the fifth Evening Fires release, and easily the most sizeable one yet. Parts were recorded in early 2008, at a time when the group was trying out its m.o. in a more obviously “rock band” format than usual, though with a pretty wide range that takes in everything from apocalyptic acid sludge to elastic folk rock to large-booted klang, along with further permutations that no one is quite sure what to call. But the rock formations cover just part of the sonic landscape, and there’s also plenty of room for sun-dappled butterfly folk, Appalachian-Mesopotamian village festivals, an interplanetary prana-powered pipe synthesizer, and various other sorts of world-conjuring. Just eight tracks that stretch out across two sound-filled discs, over two hours of long-form explorations.

Ashtray Navigations - Sugar Head Record

"Sugar Head Record" by Ashtray Navigations Over the past decade and a half, Phil Todd's long-lived & insanely prolific Leeds-based outfit has been boggling adventurous heads with infinite variations on its central uber-maximalist noise/psychedelic/ur-drone forms. AN have always been masters of the long take, and Sugar Head Record features just three mostly-Todd tracks: Disc 1 is entirely filled by "Sugar Head Music with Sines", an hour of undulating electronic tapestry swathed in layers of gooey psychedelic lava. Disc 2 leads with "Orange Matter Custard", nine minutes of Todd's patented modal guitar extremity, strings shredding off into pure electrification; and closes with the colorfully-titled "Toilet Training", adding regular collaborators Phil Legard (Xenis Emputae Traveling Band) and Melanie Crowley (Ocelocelot) for 43 minutes of glacially-paced swells of electrical haze. For already tuned-in households, a totally necessary release; for virgins, well, with AN it's all the deep end, so this is as good a place to dive in as any.

Century Plants / The Qoast (Split CD)

Century Plants / The Qoast (Split CD) (cover image) Our latest shared release continues the transatlantic theme, featuring a pair of duos who follow different but complementary routes to lost lands of avant-psych-drone overload. Century Plants is a two-headed guitar monster from upstate New York, both also serving in the larger Burnt Hills collectivity; gtrs plugged directly into hi-tension wires mainline pure raw overbleed, calling to mind the finest Japanese and New Zealand noise masters w/o sounding like anyone but themselves. French twosome the Qoast have a number of releases under their belts under the name Ghost Brames; here they kick things up a good few notches, doubling up each on swirling gtrs & bash-tastic drums for a Gallic free-psych whirlwind epic that manages to be simultaneously atomically heavy and woozily levitational. Three tracks total, 50 minutes.

The Goner - HH

"HH" by The Goner H.H. reissues a pair of wonderful 2008 folk-psychedelic-experimental discs by a Swedish artist called the Goner. We first heard about him from our friend Mats Gustafsson, who wrote that the Goner “delivers spiritual music that accompanies dreams, as it organically flows across the sky when you're walking to work and creeps up on you when you least expect it to. It's tempting to place his work along the lines of Hush Arbors and Six Organs of Admittance and although that's true you can also hear his background in the lo-fi scene”, not to mention subliminal influences ranging from Swedish folk songs to the trippier end of technoid electronics, all processed via a sonic template that’s both richly layered and authentically “there”. Of the two discs, Hind Hand works as a flowing instrumental psychedelic journey, while Haven experiments a bit more broadly with style and instrumentation (including vocals), and together the two tell a story that’s as deep as it is wide. Seventeen tracks across two discs, around ninety minutes of music.

Evening Fires - Blue Mountain Water

"Blue Mountain Water" by Evening Fires Evening Fires' fourth release was originally planned for another label, but when it went belly-up we just had to give the album a rescue via Deep Water. In Fall 2007 a core trio version of the group took the sounds underground (literally – all tracks here were recorded in subterranean settings), exploring collective creation in mostly non-rock formats. The results are decidedly rustic (presented in genuine you-are-there-fi MONO-SONIC sound) and both outward- and inward-bound at the same time. From opiated acoustics to howling electronics to spacious tribal percussion explorations, Blue Mountain Water gives a window onto a spontaneous-shamanism side of the band not usually heard outside of the root cellars and mountain caverns of their northern Appalachian home. Five tracks, 45 minutes.

Agitated Radio Pilot - The Rural Arcane

"The Rural Arcane" by Agitated Radio Pilot On the heels of the Deep Water reissue of Airs of Sun and Stone, we're honored to continue our association with the United Bible Studies family via this all-new double-CD from UBS singer David Colohan in his Agitated Radio Pilot solo guise. The previous ARP release, World Winding Down (on Deadslackstring), leaned more toward Dave's songwriterly side; by contrast, the music of The Rural Arcane follows its title thematically into melancholy fog-shrouded dusks and dawns, tapping into the stillness at the heart of nature's mystery via lush and expansive drones, chants, songs, and invocations. Two CDs, thirteen tracks, ninety-one minutes, every one of them gorgeous and timeless.