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United Bible Studies - Airs of Sun and Stone

United Bible Studies - Airs of Sun and Stone We're huge fans of the Irish collective known as United Bible Studies , so it's a great pleasure to be able to bring back one of the best of their earlier limited releases. Originally out on the group's own Deserted Village label in 2005 and OOP since around then, Airs of Sun and Stone documents a complete live set recorded at a Limerick arts festival in an old church on a Sunday morning. One extended improvisational piece (nearly 40 minutes) by a special quartet version of the group (plus dance troupe), featuring harp, guitars, piano, and percussion, it's a perfect avant-folk morning raga. This edition features a complete sonic remaster and lovely new cover art.

Pefkin - Sunblinded Visions by a Silver Sea / The Circle and the Point - say goodnight to the evangelist

"Sunblinded Visions by a Silver Sea" by Pefkin / "Say Goodnight to the Evangelist" by The Circle and the Point Our second split CD features 45 minutes of complementary drone bliss by two prime proponents of contemporary underground drift. Glasgow's Pefkin (Gayle Brogan of the Boa Melody Bar mailorder) offers up one extended track in which discrete, often acoustic sounds glisten and overlap like light on a rolling ocean; while the Circle and the Point (a duo of Buffalo-based Adam Richards [House of Alchemy records] and LA denizen Grant Capes [of (VxPxC) and the Phantom Limb label]) bring us four tracks that drag simple Eno-esque melodies through an unpredictable filter of urban noise. Sea air to city clatter, electronically bridged; plug in anywhere.

Flying Sutra - Levitate and Dissolve

"Levitate and Dissolve" by Flying Sutra Flying Sutra is the new Philadelphia-based drums-guitar duo of Bob Cozzolino and George Draguns. While both men have long and varied musical resumes – from film scores to indie rock to avant-jazz – Levitate and Dissolve is their first release in this configuration, and it's a doozy: Nearly an hour of wild, urban-elemental art-punk/free-jazz that pitches tensely unwinding klang against whirlwind percussion to highly electric effect. We recommend you remain seated with safety belt fastened while listening.

indoorpark - The Neutral Mile

indoorpark - The Neutral Mile indoorpark is the Detroit-based duo of Nick Schillace and Jon Moshier, and we're thrilled to have their debut release on Deep Water. Schillace is better known among wise ears as one of the finest post-Fahey acoustic guitarists on the scene today (with several CDs and lots of touring to prove it), and while his deft stringwork is well on display here, this is anything but a folk album. Instead, The Neutral Mile serves up seven tracks (42 minutes) of rich vintage-future soundscapery, nimble hollowbody fingerpicking combining with crisp, driving drumming and occasional samples/electronics in an extremely cinematic fashion. You could strain your brain trying to come up with some new hyphenated hybrid description (neo-post-art-folk-rock… ack) or you could just settle back and let the music take your mind on a tomorrowland trip. We recommend the latter. CD-R in offset printed digipack.

Anvil Salute - this is the voice of doom calling

"this is the voice of doom calling" by Anvil Salute Anyone who read our Deep Water interview with Norman, OK's Anvil Salute knows what big fans we are of the group. And lucky for us, they've returned to the Acres to grace us with their ironically titled fourth full-length disc, a full hour of gloriously unwinding instrumental great plains folk rock. Both their most focused and most varied work to date, it takes in everything from angular modal epics to sweetly melodic miniatures to ethnic-infused psychedelic drones, all seemingly rendered live via lovely you-are-there room-fi acoustics. Heed that rooster's crow. . . .

Evening Fires

"Evening Fires" After a year in (slow-motion) preparation, Evening Fires are pleased to unveil their first full-length CD. Though the group includes members of the Clear Spots and Peacefeather , beyond a shared attitude of musical exploration you'd be hard-pressed to find many sonic connections here. "Side A" features a trippy flowing suite sculpted out of acoustic guitars, percussion, organ, synths, flute, and voice; while "Side B" is built around a lengthy invocation that starts from a mountaintop cathedral launch site to soar out over the forested valleys below. Call it folk-infused Northeastern psychedelia if labels are necessary, though the spirit is more important than any categories. . . . Eight tracks, 42 minutes.