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The Clear Spots - Electricity for All

Electricity For All Cover During the Great Depression, “Electricity for All” was a slogan of the Tennessee Valley Authority, part of FDR’s New Deal, as it strove to bring electric power to isolated communities in the Appalachians. Some 70 years later, the Clear Spots commemorate that wiring process by expanding the concept. Drawing on various energies both organic and otherwise, using the barn as a resonator and the holler as a natural amplifier, the trio (plus specialist aetheric-engineering friends) opens an interplanetary conduit between the dirt and the stars, beaming diverse sonic signals out into the void. Is anyone up there listening? Maybe the mountains could say… Two CDs, 17 tracks, 95 minutes.

Adam Bugaj - Wave of Tears

Adam Bugaj sometimes plays lysergic barn rock with the Clear Spots, other times vaporizes neurons with Peacefeather (please check out their excellent CD on Honeymoon Music), but more than either he’s a bedroom-studio Dr. Moreau, toiling away in his attic laboratory to bring us fragmentary new sonic life forms. If the medium is the message, this is definitely speaking in tongues: flashes of recognizable elements float by -- ghosts of Wilson/Parks sketches, malfunctioning electronica, lo-fi psychedelia, tape hiss and machine hum and the click of the edit button -- then fly off in mid-sentence just as their import begins to clarify. This is what it would feel like if Daylight Savings Time happened every day.

The Clear Spots - Mountain Rock

Ten tracks spread across an hour of born-in-a-barn-falling-down psychedelic noise rock, rural electrification project improvisations, and deep-woods sasquatch rituals, lovingly recorded using tin cans and twine. As raw and ragged as you'd hope, you can smell that Appalachian soil in every blown speaker.

Ajilvsga - Blood Nocturnes

Ajilvsga Cover Image Ajilvsga is Brad Rose and Nathan Young, and Blood Nocturnes is their second full-length disc of prehistoric freakouts documented for a postmodern age. From twin-guitar-noise bonfire immolation roaring at midnight on the open plains, to tranced-out percussive acoustics recorded in secret deep in the bowels of the earth. Don your ceremonial animal skins and join the ruckus. Five tracks, 38 minutes.

The Clear Spots - Mansion In the Sky

In which three of our troupe embark on an expedition deeper into the woods, re-establishing their sonic forge in an abandoned barn overlooking a deserted river valley. Divers metallurgical, chemical, and electrical experiments are undertaken and documented. Twelve tracks across forty-nine minutes, a starker and earthier breed of klang.