Pefkin - Sunblinded Visions by a Silver Sea / The Circle and the Point - say goodnight to the evangelist

"Sunblinded Visions by a Silver Sea" by Pefkin / "Say Goodnight to the Evangelist" by The Circle and the Point Our second split CD features 45 minutes of complementary drone bliss by two prime proponents of contemporary underground drift. Glasgow's Pefkin (Gayle Brogan of the Boa Melody Bar mailorder) offers up one extended track in which discrete, often acoustic sounds glisten and overlap like light on a rolling ocean; while the Circle and the Point (a duo of Buffalo-based Adam Richards [House of Alchemy records] and LA denizen Grant Capes [of (VxPxC) and the Phantom Limb label]) bring us four tracks that drag simple Eno-esque melodies through an unpredictable filter of urban noise. Sea air to city clatter, electronically bridged; plug in anywhere.
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