The Leels

May 12 2006 - 8:00pm

Leels is a supergroup of Florida-bred boys and girls, comprised of pianist Eric Morrison (HOME), guitarists Chris Sturgeon and Trey Conner (MERINGUE), clarinetist Jenny Juristo Morrison (PEE SHY), bassist Jeremy King (DUMBWAITERS), and drummer Drew Blomquist (um... actually he's kinda the cartoon-drawer of the band).  Long time collaborators on their various separate projects, they recorded their first album rather accidentally while individually visiting Morrison's "Devil's Isle WetLab" studio.  Each of the various members would drop a few musical ideas on tape, and add some extra layers to what others had already started.  Before long, the troupe had collected an album's worth of songs, and caught the attention of Emperor Jones Records who released the song collection under the moniker "Leels".  The band solidified the line-up and toured the East Coast while working up a more intentional batch of songs that would become the follow-up album, “Cannonballs and Silver Tongues” also released on Emperor Jones.

The third and latest album, “Fingees Crossed” slowly gelled together over the span of two years.  After initial week of capturing the live skeleton of a dozen songs, the band retreated back to each of their individual towns and individual project studios to begin the incremental layering process.  Passing mixes back and forth across state lines until every surface was textured and every shadow darkened.  The group then reconvened to make the final mix passes and “Fingees Crossed” was birthed into the world.  Fledgling label, “Cloth Monkey” picked up the album and is launching their imprint with it on May 9th, 2006.

Leels is touring the East Coast in the last two weeks of May, and is planning a westward trip in the late summer.

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