Evening Fires interviewed by Mr Atavist

New Evening Fires interview, by Mr Atavist

In the introduction, Mr A writes:

"Evening Fires is all about tradition as much as invention, and Live Spirits carries on their tradition of … Right there: that’s part of the problem any other group would sell their hard-won instruments for. The glorious problem of continually defying categorization while never worrying about being mistaken for someone they aren’t. And Evening Fires are many things, as well as many people. They encompass progressive rock, forward thinking wordless folk, freak-outs, lush drones and some of the most unlikely space rock to come down from any mountain. Kevin Moist says that “we’re so mysterious, even we don’t know who we are or what we’re on about.” If anyone knows without question what they don’t and can explain it, it’s Moist. A constant ember of Evening Fires and Deep Water Acres ‘label boss’, Moist is privy to a unique set of insider’s perspectives for a singular … band. Well, we said we’d get to that …"

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