CD Release Party!

Feb 24 2006 - 7:30pm
 Honeymoon Music artists Peacefeather and Niagara Falls.

The notable Honeymoon Music pulses from the heart of the flourishing free-flowing music scene in Philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood.  Join us in Schlow Library's Community Room for a Honeymoon double-billing--both bands with recent releases.


Peacefeather AnimationPeacefeather has been convinced to particpate in a mind control project which has them hacking and undoing the war machine. Basically, Peacefeather is playing already when they get there. They tune their instruments to the stridulation of grasshoppers and resonate with the timbral plates in the ribs of numerous species of cicadae. From these basic building blocks, Peacefeather write protocols for sonic programmers everywhere to open up their own DNA and thus manipulate the gradient between the fictional and the real by creating moments of indiscernability that mime the rhythms of physical and chemical dissipative systems, cancer, and extraterrestrial courtship rituals in an ongoing effort to stop and step out of time, toggle cause and effect at will, and render hypercompressed sonic snapshots of the implicate order of the cosmos.

 - Rich Doyle

Members: Ben Wentz, Trey Connor, Adam Bugaj, Tom Bugaj, and Jason Britten

Discography: Peacefeather, CD, Honeymoon Music, 2006  Compilations: The Honeymoon Music Compilation, CD, "Beltway to Crystal Lake" Honeymoon Music, 2005

Listen: Peacefeather on MySpace

Niagara Falls Norm, Jeff, and Eric of Niagara Falls

The first project to be released by Philadelphia's Honeymoon Music label, Niagara Falls is improvised music. Norm Fetter (co-founder of Honeymoon Music along with Jeff Carpineta) bares his shadow side- electric kazoo/banjo/chant etc. Erich Breimhurst adds guitar and self-made instruments, like the gourdalin. Jeff Carpineta (of Rob Walmart) is on bass/synths/percussion, and the schooled but gritty frequent collaborator Jennifer Lee brings in sweeps and shards of violin and theremin. Constantly expanding and contracting- the rhythmic grind retreats to simple elegant melodies. Their sound is a graceful, tribal, kraut, folk-crashing walkabout. They have a new CD, Zwei, which was released by Honeymoon Music in January 2006.   Members: Norman Fetter: electric kazoo, accordian, guitars, banjo, percussion, keyboards, vocals Erich Breimhurst: guitars, gourdalin, chonguri, keyboards, tub mic, percussion, vocals Jennifer Lee: violin, theremin, percussion, vocals Jeff Carpineta: bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals   Discography: Zwei, CD Honeymoon Music, 2006 Barrel Vault, CDR, Honeymoon Music, 2004 Compilations: The Honeymoon Music Compilation, CD, "Fission" Honeymoon Music, 2005 Up the Stairs and Through the Hall, CD, Sherman, 2005   Listen: Niagara on MySpace