The Clear Spots - Mountain Rock

Ten tracks spread across an hour of born-in-a-barn-falling-down psychedelic noise rock, rural electrification project improvisations, and deep-woods sasquatch rituals, lovingly recorded using tin cans and twine. As raw and ragged as you'd hope, you can smell that Appalachian soil in every blown speaker.

Mountain Rock reviewed on Ptolemaic Terrascope Online

Is it too early to get nostalgic about the mid-90s heyday of skull-splitting noise rock of the ilk of prime Dead C or early Bardo Pond? The Clear Spots clearly don't think so, if the ten imploding barnstorms on 'Mountain Rock' are anything to go by. The band is a pocket apocalypse comprising brothers Adam Bugaj (bass, keyboards, percussion), Matt Bugaj (guitar) and Tom Bugaj (drums), and the estimable Kevin Moist on more guitar. (Kevin will be familiar as editor of the late, great and soon to be resurrected on the web fanzine Deep Water, and who co-conspires with various Bardos to make the racket known at Third Troll.) 'Mountain Rock' was - appropriately - recorded in a farm house in a place called Bush Holler, Pennsylvania (they may have made that up), and one can only imagine at the distress of neighbours, livestock, low flying aircraft and anything else that stayed into the path of these Jovian storm cells during the process of their creation . . .

Mountain Rock reviewed on Foxy Digitalis

The Clear Spots are the three Bugaj brothers (or two brothers and a cousin or a dad and his two sons or WHATEVER) and a fellow named Kevin Moist kicking up a rowdy free or no wave two guitar/ bass/ drums racket on the "Mountain Rock" CD-R. Look past any obvious homage of the name, drink it down like the slightly tainted mountain spring water it is, and you just may see blurred visions of small glassy eyed woodland creatures scurrying in broken spirals about a Pennsylvanian hillside, drunk on bad ale and strange berries. . . .

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