Psychic Frost - Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency) US

"Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency)" by Psychic Frost

Raising Holy Sparks, Psychic Frost, & Pairdown reviewed by Mr. Atavist

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Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal

"Whatever journey it takes you on, it’s yours as much as it is Colohan’s. The universality of it doesn’t just allow that, it encourages it. Contemplative, spiritual, and ‘holy’ transcendent, A Mendicant Hymnal is far richer than its order’s subscribers claim to be."

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Psychic Frost - Taking Lizard Mountain (by frequency)

"Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency)" by Psychic Frost
"Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency)" by Psychic Frost Psychic Frost – the duo of Mike Tamburo and Matt McDowell – returns to Deep Water for a second disc of (mostly) instrumental explorations, both more diverse and more concise than their 2011 debut. Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency) opens in familiar sonic territory – hypnotic compositions for electrified hammer dulcimer and guitar – but the Psychic sonic expedition soon moves into terra incognita, climbing through fields of free-jazz drumming and into high valleys of effected drones and thunderous percussion, finally reaching the sage at the summit by going “Under Your Skin,” a surprising vocal number that echoes both early Eno and early Woods. Psychedelic excursions that span classic progressions and contemporary lo-fi experimentation like nobody’s business, and a mandatory trip for all interested parties. Five tracks, 34 minutes.

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