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"Resthetic Guitar" by Pairdown Raymond Morin and David Leicht are Pairdown, a Pittsburgh-based acoustic guitar duo much respected by their peers but criminally underrepresented in recorded form. Aesthetic Guitar began life as a self-released CDR EP in 2012, but this new version finds the disc expanded to double its original length, a diverse set of studio and live recordings that showcase the full range of the pair’s considerable skills in both song and instrumental formats. Stylistically, Pairdown sidesteps the post-Fahey/American Primitive raga-isms common in fingerstyle guitar these days, instead drawing on sources both within the six-string tradition (Kottke, Grossman, Renbourn, Dave Evans) and well beyond it (Ellington, Satie), folding those influences into a rich set of baroque miniatures and distinctive compositions that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone working in the field today. 16 tracks, 44 minutes.

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Pairdown reviewed by Minor 7th

Minor 7th has some good words for Pairdown - Aesthetic Guitar:

"Guitarists Raymond Morin and David Leicht, better known as Pairdown, have a synergy and chemistry that is at once obvious and intriguing. ... The organic feel of the performances and recordings are at times raw, occasionally discordant (Michael Hedges-ish), but always adventurous."

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"Resthetic Guitar" by Pairdown

Raising Holy Sparks, Psychic Frost, & Pairdown reviewed by Mr. Atavist

Mr Atavist has some kind words about recent Deep Water releases:

Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal

"Whatever journey it takes you on, it’s yours as much as it is Colohan’s. The universality of it doesn’t just allow that, it encourages it. Contemplative, spiritual, and ‘holy’ transcendent, A Mendicant Hymnal is far richer than its order’s subscribers claim to be."

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Psychic Frost - Taking Lizard Mountain (by frequency)

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"Resthetic Guitar" by Pairdown