Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal US

"A Mendicant Hymnal" by Raising Holy Sparks

Raising Holy Sparks reviewed by Evening of Light

Evening of Light weighs in with a late but great review of Raising Holy Sparks A Mendicant Hymnal:

"It is these loose moments, unforeseen, irrational, that are the power of this album’s strange journey. It exists somewhere between music, rooted in ambient and the evolved experimental folk of Northern Europe, and the North American landscape, the landscapes of the mind — and perhaps the universal experience of a human, given over to the universe. This offering of the self is at once the theme of this album, and a way of understanding it. Always temporary, but revealing something eternal. “Perenne Lumen in Templo Aeterni”"

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Raising Holy Sparks, Psychic Frost, & Pairdown reviewed by Mr. Atavist

Mr Atavist has some kind words about recent Deep Water releases:

Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal

"Whatever journey it takes you on, it’s yours as much as it is Colohan’s. The universality of it doesn’t just allow that, it encourages it. Contemplative, spiritual, and ‘holy’ transcendent, A Mendicant Hymnal is far richer than its order’s subscribers claim to be."

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Psychic Frost - Taking Lizard Mountain (by frequency)

"A Mendicant Hymnal" by Raising Holy Sparks
"A Mendicant Hymnal" by Raising Holy Sparks Raising Holy Sparks is the new musical project of Dave Colohan (United Bible Studies mainstay, ex-Agitated Radio Pilot), and it finds our peripatetic Irish monk journeying even further into long-form instrumental devotions of undeniably sublime effect, epic slow-motion electro-acoustic soundscapes deeply permeated by a sense of awe and wonder at the natural glories of the American continent. In the artist’s words: “Inspired by 7000 miles of travel across 30 states, A Mendicant Hymnal draws on the vast & ever-changing American landscape, from the mountains & deserts of the West through the empty plains & onto the endless forests of the East. The first in a continuing series, trying to get, in the words of Edward Abbey, 'close to the West of my deepest imaginings, the place where the tangible & the mythical became the same.'" Thirteen tracks, two discs, 135 minutes.

Raising Holy Sparks reviewed by the Active Listener

The Active Listener weighs in with a rave review of Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal:

"A Mendicant Hymnal contains so many layers and moments of beauty that it belies its complexity to describe it simply as a drone or ambient piece. Sounding universal and at times consumed by the landscape yet equally human and warm, Colohan and collaborators have composed the soundtrack to a thousand journeys. Music as emotive and unique as this should not be neglected; take a trip with Raising Holy Sparks."

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