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DW013  indoorpark / The Neutral Mile

indoorpark is the Detroit-based duo of Nick Schillace and Jon Moshier, and we're thrilled to have their debut release on Deep Water. Schillace is better known among wise ears as one of the finest post-Fahey acoustic guitarists on the scene today (with several CDs and lots of touring to prove it), and while his deft stringwork is well on display here, this is anything but a folk album. Instead, The Neutral Mile serves up seven tracks (42 minutes) of rich vintage-future soundscapery, nimble hollowbody fingerpicking combining with crisp, driving drumming and occasional samples/electronics in an extremely cinematic fashion. You could strain your brain trying to come up with some new hyphenated hybrid description (neo-post-art-folk-rock… ack) or you could just settle back and let the music take your mind on a tomorrowland trip. We recommend the latter.

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