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DW049  Mike Tamburo / Aquarian Drifter

Mike Tamburo returns to Deep Water with an immersive new CD of music for electric guitar, his first release on the label under his given name (following previous discs by Brother Ong, and as part of the Psychic Frost duo). Tamburo’s lengthy and ambulatory musical career has included everything from post-rock (with Arco Flute Foundation), to solo acoustic-electric guitar, to avant-garde New Age (Brother Ong), and yoga music/sound therapy (with Crown of Eternity). Aquarian Drifter manages to embody aspects of all of those, even as it steps to the edge and glides off into new spaces:  Concise, elliptically looping compositions that expand and contract with a psychedelic ebb and flow, often treated and processed to the limits of recognition, sonically recalling early ambient Eno or classic ’70s kosmische, though totally contemporary in spirit and effect. A soundtrack for letting go and floating free, as literally or metaphorically as you like. Nine tracks, 37 minutes.  

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