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Three new Deep Water releases

Available February 6, 2018 -- three brand new discs by old friends/favorites. More details, audio samples, and ordering info via the catalog links below. Get 'em while they're hot.

DW048 Sagas / The Last Door

"...taking in various points along a sonic railway line that has American Primitive acoustic on one end and psychedelic noise overload on the other..."

DW049 Mike Tamburo / Aquarian Drifter

"...concise, elliptically looping compositions for electric guitar that expand and contract with a psychedelic ebb and flow, often treated and processed to the limits of recognition..."

DW050 United Bible Studies / The Star of the Sea Moves Today to Its Rising

"...weaving together experimental compositional technique and modernist art song with ancient pagan hymnology and the half-heard sounds of ghostly music emanating from an abandoned church on some windswept headland..."


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