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We finally broke down and joined the world of social media (shudder) in the form of a Deep Water Facebook page.

From here onwards we'll be posting most "news"-type items there rather than here on the DW site (which itself may be undergoing some changes soon). As always, please get in touch if you need anything. 

Raising Holy Sparks reviewed by Evening of Light

Evening of Light weighs in with a late but great review of Raising Holy Sparks A Mendicant Hymnal:

"It is these loose moments, unforeseen, irrational, that are the power of this album’s strange journey. It exists somewhere between music, rooted in ambient and the evolved experimental folk of Northern Europe, and the North American landscape, the landscapes of the mind — and perhaps the universal experience of a human, given over to the universe. This offering of the self is at once the theme of this album, and a way of understanding it. Always temporary, but revealing something eternal. “Perenne Lumen in Templo Aeterni”"

read the full review here


Pairdown reviewed by Minor 7th

Minor 7th has some good words for Pairdown - Aesthetic Guitar:

"Guitarists Raymond Morin and David Leicht, better known as Pairdown, have a synergy and chemistry that is at once obvious and intriguing. ... The organic feel of the performances and recordings are at times raw, occasionally discordant (Michael Hedges-ish), but always adventurous."

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Raising Holy Sparks, Psychic Frost, & Pairdown reviewed by Mr. Atavist

Mr Atavist has some kind words about recent Deep Water releases:

Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal

"Whatever journey it takes you on, it’s yours as much as it is Colohan’s. The universality of it doesn’t just allow that, it encourages it. Contemplative, spiritual, and ‘holy’ transcendent, A Mendicant Hymnal is far richer than its order’s subscribers claim to be."

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Psychic Frost - Taking Lizard Mountain (by frequency)

Dead Sea Apes - Lupus in "Best of 2012" action

Dead Sea Apes Lupus disc garners some much-deserved recognition in 2012 "best of year" lists:

*Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy says, "Lupus drones and echoes and punctures the time-space continuum in ways that have you believing it clocks in at least double its length." Read more here

*Writing in RVA magazine, Revolt of the Apes has Lupus in a tie for #2 album of the year. Read more here

Evening Fires interviewed by Mr Atavist

New Evening Fires interview, by Mr Atavist

In the introduction, Mr A writes:

"Evening Fires is all about tradition as much as invention, and Live Spirits carries on their tradition of … Right there: that’s part of the problem any other group would sell their hard-won instruments for. The glorious problem of continually defying categorization while never worrying about being mistaken for someone they aren’t. And Evening Fires are many things, as well as many people. They encompass progressive rock, forward thinking wordless folk, freak-outs, lush drones and some of the most unlikely space rock to come down from any mountain. Kevin Moist says that “we’re so mysterious, even we don’t know who we are or what we’re on about.” If anyone knows without question what they don’t and can explain it, it’s Moist. A constant ember of Evening Fires and Deep Water Acres ‘label boss’, Moist is privy to a unique set of insider’s perspectives for a singular … band. Well, we said we’d get to that …"

Raising Holy Sparks reviewed by the Active Listener

The Active Listener weighs in with a rave review of Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal:

"A Mendicant Hymnal contains so many layers and moments of beauty that it belies its complexity to describe it simply as a drone or ambient piece. Sounding universal and at times consumed by the landscape yet equally human and warm, Colohan and collaborators have composed the soundtrack to a thousand journeys. Music as emotive and unique as this should not be neglected; take a trip with Raising Holy Sparks."

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Terrascope Online reviews Evening Fires and Brother Ong

The always-wonderful Ptolemaic Terrascope online has some very nice words in its Feb. 2013 reviews for the latest pair of Deep Water releases:

Evening Fires - Light from on High

"Evening Fires are a band I never tire of, on this album though they have excelled themselves, their finest moment, a psychedelic classic that should be enjoyed on a regular basis."

Read the full review


Brother Ong - Deep Water Vibration

"...sparkles with inner light, delicate notes dancing in a sacred pool of sound, allowing your troubles to float away, at least for a while."

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Brother Ong and Evening Fires reviewed by Mr. Atavist

A pair of great reviews from Mr. Atavist:

Brother Ong - Deep Water Vibration

"Whether the trips are inner or otherworldly, Brother Ong makes them both rooted, exotic and reachable with the choice of tools and a light-handed, and at times fleeting, touch."

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Evening Fires - Light from on High

"With a catalog that is as diverse, cohesive and enriching as anyone peddling that old-time rural acid rock, Evening Fires have made it very clear who has salvation and who is hawking watered down snake oil."

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